The tool you wanted but didn't know existed!

Not just a playground: Djot is a tool you can use to enhance your workflow


Write React Code

Use the familiar React syntax to write your code. Djot will automatically compile it to Javascript and run it for you instantly.

Run as a mini-app

Run your code as a mini-application right on your desktop, no build or deploy required.

Experiment with UI and Javascript

Quickly and easily experiment with UI and Javascript. Djot will let you know if you have any errors.

Easy UI with Ant Design v5

Use the Built in UI Framework (Ant Design v5) or bring your own

Djot is part of Djitsu

This is an early release - site and application will be updated with more features soon!

In the meanwhile you're welcome to join our discord server: Djitsu Discord or if you prefer join our Telegram group:

Or visit the Djitsu subreddit: r/djitsu